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The sustainable increase in sales and profits for our customers is the ultimate goal of HBChemPharm.

Value Proposition: HBChemPharm supports its customers in the acquisition of new projects and products, the marketing of free capacities and in the project management. In addition, the temporary assumption of management functions is offered as part of interim management.

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Sales, Marketing, Business Development

Acquisition and implementation of new products, international market development, development of marketing and sales concepts, expansion of current networks.

Supply chain management

Development and implementation of purchasing strategies, increasing supply security, support in finding new suppliers and their qualification.

Product Development

Conception for new products, determination of the market potential, definition of product properties, optimization of the product portfolio, diversification into new product areas.

Production optimization

Improvement and optimization of production processes, support in the implementation of ​​custom synthesis and contract manufacturing processes.

Accompanying change processes

Business analysis including recommendations for action, support in restructuring of companies, change management, turnaround management.

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Solid basic knowledge of chemistry, in-depth knowledge of the global market for fine chemicals, intermediate products and active ingredients, extensive knowledge of the legal bases and framework conditions of industry (Federal Emission Control Act - BimSchG and BimSchV, ICH guidelines (cGMP), German Narcotics Act (BtMG), EU GMP guide part 2 (Active ingredients).


Project management of complex development projects in the areas of custom synthesis and contract manufacturing, experience with government inspections (e.g. US FDA, EMA etc.), company restructuring, company sales and interim management.


Worldwide network of contacts in the areas of development, production and purchasing. HBChemPharm offers individual, tailor-made solutions for all steps in the value chain.

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“HBChemPharm customers will benefit from many years of practical experience at all management levels”

Market Development

A well-known active ingredient, up to now more than 90% used in veterinary medicine, with approval in the human area, was reactivated after intensive market research and many discussions with potential customers and added again to the portfolio. The market, especially in North America, honored this initiative and additional sales in the millions were generated.

Acquisition of new products

A customer from the industry was looking for a highly active ingredient that many manufacturers were not allowed to produce due to lacking high potency capabilities. This information was used to call the potential client and the initial contact took place at a trade fair. The process was adjusted to the companies equipment, transferred and validated within a few months. The product is still manufactured exclusively.

Cost savings

Hydrogenation processes are carried out using an expensive palladium catalyst. This catalyst must be recycled after the reaction. Depending on the process, there is considerable loss of palladium. The in-depth analysis of the processes and the entire production chain enabled the company to increase the recovery rate of the catalyst from 75% to over 90%. The resulting savings in manufacturing costs made the product profitable again.

Process improvementss

The synthesis of an active ingredient was unprofitable and unprofitable over the years. Stopping production was out of question for strategic reasons. A project was initiated and the entire process was questioned. Ultimately, the yield of the process could be improved and the consumption of raw material could be reduced significantly. The product is thus competitive again and continues to be in the product range.

Accompanying change processes

Initiation and support of a significant company restructuring process: Conclusion of a reconciliation of interests between the companies workers council and the management, socially acceptable reduction of the workforce by 90 head counts, reduction of the company's costs by more than EUR 8 million and initiation of the turnaround within 12 months.

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info@hbchempharm.de +49 173 6920058
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Dr. Hendrik Baumann, owner and founder of HBChemPharm, ran companies in Germany with up to 230 employees and € 90 million in sales in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Photo Dr. Baumann
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